25 thg 4, 2024
Hành trình du lịch lần này chưa đầy 3 phút hy vọng sẻ giúp các bạn biết thêm về các địa điểm tham quan du lịch tại Đảo Bình Hưng nhé! Xúc tích ngắn gọn.
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If someone looks for a primitive landscape to relax or discover the untouched beauty of nature, Binh Hung Island off Cam Ranh City is highly recommended.

The hotel-less island is an ideal place for excursionists to set up camps to freely swim, see corals, enjoy fresh seafood and indulge in the crystal blue water and primitive surroundings.

Binh Hung Island, about 30 kilometers by road from Cam Ranh City and then about 10 minutes by boat, has stunning beaches, crystal-clear water, lobster farms and giant rocks. The centenarian Hon Chut Lighthouse is also a must-see destination in Binh Hung where tourists can take a panoramic view of the island.
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